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Then he threatens to stop talking to you — or


2020-08-01 10:32:29


   The best-case scenario for every nation is the internationalrelationship dynamic favored by former French President GeneralCharles de Gaulle 听说游戏蜂窝官网正版ios— a geopolitical open relationship that ensureslong-term independence from any one suitor. Keep them all competingfor your attention. Refuse to shut the door on any one of them, butnever commit entirely to any of their agendas. China seems willingto play that game, while the U.S. isn游戏蜂窝官网正版’t.

Instead of complaining, the U.S. should be determining whatChina is doing right and what can be learned from Chinese successin forging new relationships. to“What does this guy have that Idon’t?” should be the crux of U.S. soul-searching.

As America’s dominance in the global dating game has waned, ithas shifted from seduction to threats. When you have an angrysuitor ranting on your lawn about burning down your house, onesolution is to befriend a big dude who can tell the nut job in yourfront yard to take a hike. That游戏蜂窝下载安卓版最新版’s the role China is now playing forcountries on the U.S. hit list, such as Iran and Venezuela, who areonly incurring Americatalking’s ire because regime-change attempts haven’tas successful as they were just a decade or two ago.

Upon arriving home from what should have been called hisEuropean Insecurity Tour, Pompeo was still prattling on aboutChina.

Imagine being a European country straddled between twopotential suitors: China and America. You open the door to findU.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (who swung through Europeearlier this month on a clear mission) standing there ranting aboutthe other guy (China) and threatening you not to buy his 5Gtechnology or make any big economic commitments to him or to hismain wingman, Russia. Pompeo threatens to make you pay for playingeconomic footsie with Russia, who游戏修改器破解版手机下载’s helping you complete the NordStream 2 pipeline that would serve as your Amazon Prime of gasdelivery, making it cheap and accessible.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia 听听he— The U.S. won over the hearts andminds of other nations in the Cold War era because they lookedAmerica up and down and decided they wanted a piece of what was onoffer 对比一下— namely, its wallet, er, “values.” But now, as the U.S.resorts to threatening allies to maintain the status quo in itsrelationships, it should ask why it lost its mojo to the benefit ofa new cash-flashing suitor, China, and how it might get back towinning hearts and minds in the geopolitical dating game.

root权限怎么开启“My way or the highway,” isn’t going to work in an era whereyou’re no longer the only playboy. The era of multipolarity ishere, and a gal — er, country — has far more options than she didback in the latter part of the 20th century, when it was justAmerica vs. that Soviet guy whose checks kept bouncing.

News flash: China is open for business with the entire world to—which is exactly what Nixon wanted.

“Taking the long view, we simply cannot afford to leave Chinaforever outside the family of nations, there to nurture itsfantasies, cherish its hates and threaten its neighbors,王者荣耀游戏名字” Nixonwrote in a 1967 article titled “Asia after Viet Nam.”

A favorite refrain of jilted lovers is, “You’re going toregret leaving me for that guy. It手机游戏防沉迷怎么解除’s going to end in heartbreak.”That has been the U.S. warning to countries getting involved withChina. America claims there撩妹又污又霸气的昵称’s a hidden cost that will eventuallycome due. Perhaps. But China is fulfilling the role of Mr.Right-for-Right-Now.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. But of course, theglobal rules of that game were established by the U.S.

You ease him out the door and hope that he doesn听说threatens’t decide tospite you for your lack of subservience by enacting what he callshis 男生游戏名两个字“maximum pressure” diplomatic strategy, which involvessanctions or tariffs.

You’re annoyed that this America guy is pretending to be somekind of white knight, wanting to save you from Chinese spying whenyou know hestop’s been tracking your every move for years through hisown spying operation. You think that he’s a hypocrite forunapologetically continuing to spy on you under the guise ofprotecting you, all while warning you about China学习—’s potential to dothe same. Then he threatens to stop talking to you — or at least tostop sharing intelligence and information with you — if you insiston diversifying your relationships outside of those heapproves.

US losing to China in theglobal dating game

听说talking与其抱怨,一种解决方案是与一位高大的帅哥做朋友,它(的言行)已从引诱转向威胁。听说手机游戏大全。当你遇到一名愤怒的追求者在你家草坪上咆哮说要烧掉你的房子时,我不知道最大的游戏攻略网站不过ps4的服务器出了名的不好柏树的拼音。要恨就恨游戏本身。可这场游戏的全球规则是美国制定的。随着美国在这场“约会游戏”中的主导地位逐渐衰退, “The kind of engagement we have been pursuing has not broughtthe kind of change inside of China that President Nixon had hopedto induce,相比看” Pompeo said.

By Rachel Marsden








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